Special Session & Technical Programme

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Special Sessions

SS1A Recent advances in testing of structural and nonstructural masonry Room 2 Sept. 6 15:30-17:00
Organizer: prof. Andrea Penna, University of Pavia
Document # Title and Authors
63 Shaking Table Tests on 1/2 Scale One Story Masonry Structure
Marco Di Ludovico, Alberto Balsamo, Gennaro Maddaloni, Nunzia Iuliano, Giuseppe Maddaloni, Andrea Prota, Gaetano Manfredi
99 Shaking Table Out-of-plane Collapse Tests of Slender URM Walls
Francesco Graziotti, Umberto Tomassetti, Luca Grottoli, Andrea Penna, Guido Magenes
110 Examples of Centrifuge Testing for Experimental Structural Engineering
Matthew J. DeJong, Stefan Ritter, Iason Pelekis, Callum Fleming
130 Collapse Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry Vaults Using 3D-printed Scale-model Testing
Michela Rossi, Cristián Calvo Barentin, Tom Van Mele, Philippe Block
136 Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Seismic Response of Unreinforced Masonry Cross Vaults
Chiara Calderini, Michela Rossi, Sergio Lagomarsino, Lucrezia Cascini, Francesco Portioli
SS1B Recent advances in testing of structural and nonstructural masonry Room 2 Sept. 6 17:15-18:45
Organizer: prof. Andrea Penna, University of Pavia
Document # Title and Authors
104 In-Plane Cyclic and Out-of-Plane Dynamic Testing Procedures for Infilled RC Frames
Riccardo R. Milanesi, Paolo Morandi, Filippo Dacarro, Luca Albanesi, Guido Magenes
108 In-plane Cyclic Tests on Innovative Infills with Sliding Joints and their Numerical Simulation
Andrea Rossi, Paolo Morandi, Riccardo R. Milanesi, Guido Magenes
125 Experimental Mechanical Characterisation Of Stone Masonry Under Uniaxial And Biaxial Stress Strate
Francesco Vanin, Katrin Beyer
156 Challenges and Main Features on Quasi-static Cyclic Out-of-plane Tests of Full-scale Infill Masonry Walls
António Arêde, André Furtado, José Melo, Hugo Rodrigues, Humberto Varum, Nuno Pinto
202 Open-Air Cyclic Testing of a Large-Scale Stone Masonry Specimen
İhsan Engin Bal, Eleni Smyrou, Murat Alaboz, Mehmet Nuri Yavuzer, Cem Demir, Mustafa Cömert, Alper İlki
SS2 Hybrid Simulation Methods for Multi-hazard Engineering Room DICAr Sept. 6 15:30-17:00
Organizer: Prof. Shirley Dike, Purdue University and Narukoti Nakata, Clarkson University
Document # Title and Authors
79 Advanced Real-Time Hybrid Simulation for Assessment of Tall Building Performance under Multiple Natural Hazards
James Ricles, Chinmoy Kolay, Thomas Marullo
24 Development of Advanced Experimental Technology on Reproducing Floor Response of High-rise Buildings subjected to Ground Motions
Pei-Ching Chen, Chin-Ta Lai, Keh-Chyuan Tsai
65 Example of Practical Decisions when Implementing a Hybrid Test for Producing Reference Results
Francisco-Javier Molina, Pierre Pegon
114 Vision for Hybrid Simulation Testing of Buildings under Wind Loading
Mohamed A. Moustafa, Peter Irwin
90 Development of New Real-Time Force Control Methods for Implementing Real-Time Hybrid Simulation and Effective Force Testing
Yunbyeong Chae, Ramin Rabiee, Abdullah Dursun, Chul-Young Kim
51 Development and Optimization Case Study of Distributed Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Method
Xin Li, Xilin Lu, Lei Lu, Jiaqi Xu, Wensheng Lu, Shirley Dyke
SS3 Advances in Experimental Soil-Structure Interaction Room DICAr Sept. 6 17:15-18:45
Organizer: Prof. Carlo Lai, University of Pavia
Document # Title and Authors
157 Physical Modelling of Soil-Structure Interaction
Vincenzo Fioravante, Daniela Giretti
151 Soft Grouting for Seismic Isolation
Valeria Nappa, Emilio Bilotta, Alessandro Flora
Slabs on Grades Supported by Soil Reinforced with Inclusions (to be confirmed)
Cyril Plomteux, Jerome Racinais
Rayleigh waves steering via seismic metamaterials (to be confirmed)
Antonio Palermo, S. Krodel, C. Daraio, Alessandro Marzani
Feasibility Study for In-situ dynamic tests (to be confirmed)
Marco Furinghetti, Alberto Pavese, Simone Peloso, Carlo G. Lai
SS4A Field Testing ans Structural Health Monitoring Room DICAr Sept. 7 9:45-11:15
Organizer: Prof. V. Dertimanis & Prof. E. Chatzi, ETH Zürich and Prof. M.P. Limongelli, Polytechnic of Milan
Document # Title and Authors
17 Monitoring And Safety Evaluation On The Reinforced Concrete Floor During Moving Of Overweight Facility
Jianyun Sun, Cuiqiang Zhang, Peng Wang, Zhaoran Wang, Pengfei Shi
64 Permanent Monitoring and Real Time Assessment
Simone Peloso, Fortunato Cuppari, Chiara Casarotti, Alberto Pavese
78 Ambient-vibration measurements as a tool for robust seismic assessment of existing large-size residential buildings (To be confirmed)
Yves Reuland
98 Compensation of Temperature Effect on Impedance-based Damage Monitoring in Prestressed Tendon-Anchorage System
Jeong-Tae Kim, Thanh-Canh Huynh, So-Young Lee, Joo-Young Ryu
102 Monitoring Is Essential In Assessing The Risks And Vulnerabilities Of Tall Buildings To Long-Period Earthquake Motions From Distant Sources
Mehmet Çelebi
106 Dynamic System Properties from Real-Scale Free-Vibration Soil-Structure Interaction Experiments
Dimitris Pitilakis, Athanasios Vratsikidis
SS4B Field Testing ans Structural Health Monitoring Room DICAr Sept. 7 11:30-13:00
Organizer: Prof. V. Dertimanis & Prof. E. Chatzi, ETH Zürich and Prof. M.P. Limongelli, Polytechnic of Milan
Document # Title and Authors
111 An Overview of Frequency and Damping Wandering in Existing Buildings (to be confirmed)
Philippe Guéguen
113 Operational Regime Clustering for the Construction of PCE-Based Surrogates of Operational Wind Turbines
Luis David Avendaño-Valencia, Braulio Barahona, Cyprien Hoelzl, Eleni N. Chatzi
115 Digital Image Correlation for Dynamic Shake Table Test Measurements
Luna Ngeljaratan, Mohamed A. Moustafa
124 Structural health monitoring and damage detection techniques: numerical and experimental case studies
Rocco, Ditommaso, Maria, De Bonis, Chiara, Iacovino, Maria P. Limongelli, Felice C., Ponzo, Daniele, Spina
134 Experimental Analysis of the Torlonia Building in Avezzano, Italy
Giovanni Bongiovanni, Giacomo Buffarini, Paolo Clemente, Fernando Saitta, Concetta Tripepi
137 Why the Z24 Bridge is so Important
Keith Worden, Charles R. Farrar, Haichen Shi, Elizabeth J. Cross
SS5 Experimental investigation of RC precast buildings Room 2 Sept. 7 15:30-17:00
Organizer: Dr. R. Nascimbene, Foundation EUCENTRE, Pavia and Prof. G. Magliulo, University of Naples “Federico II”
Document # Title and Authors
140 Experimental Evaluation of the Seismic Response of Precast Wall Connections
Emanuele Brunesi, Roberto Nascimbene, Simone Peloso
105 Experimental Studies of Beam-to-Column Dowel Connections in RC Precast Buildings
Tatjana Isaković, Blaž Zoubek, Miha Kramar, Matej Fischinger
94 Experimental and Numerical Validation of a Sustainable and Innovative Construction System
Guido Bregoli, Paolo Riva
SS6 Experimental assessment of isolation devices Room 2 Sept. 7 17:15-18:45
Organizer: Prof. Mauro Dolce, Direttore Generale Dipartimento della Protezione Civile
Document # Title and Authors
139 Effect of Friction on the Re-Centring Capability of Sliding Bearings with Curved Surfaces
Virginio Quaglini, Paolo Dubini, Emanuele Gandelli
96 Experimental Evaluation of the Size Effect on Flat and Curved Sliding Motions
Marco Furinghetti, Alberto Pavese
In situ dynamic tests on buildings with seismic isolation systems (to be confirmed)
Mauro Dolce, Claudio Moroni, R. Di Tommaso, Francesco Giordano
Testing of seismic isolators and dampers: considerations and standard requirements (to be confirmed)
Felice Ponzo
Seismic risk assessment of buildings with different isolation systems (to be confirmed)
Andrea Dall’Asta
SS7 Computer-vision based structural health monitoring Room 2 Sept. 7 9:45-11:15
Organizer: prof. Youngjin Cha
Document # Title and Authors
80 Faster R-CNN Based Structural Surface Damage Detection
Sadegh Mahmoudkhani, Young-Jin Cha
50 Fusion of ViSP(Visually Served Paired Structured Light System) with IMU for High-speed 6-DOF Structural Displacement Measurement
Jeon Haemin
69 Rapid, Automated Post-Event Image Classification and Documentation
Chul Min Yeum, Shirley J. Dyke, Bedrich Benes, Thomas Hacker, Julio Ramirez, Alana Lund, Santiago Pujol
81 Autonomous UAV for Structural Health Monitoring
Dongho Kang, Young-Jin Cha
149 Full-field Imaging and Modeling of Structural Dynamics with Digital Video Cameras
Yongchao Yang, Charles Farrar, David Mascarenas


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