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Keynote Lectures

•    Experimental Structural Engineering: Past, Present and Future
Božidar Stojadinović

•    Performing Full Scale In-situ Dynamic Testing
Gian Michele Calvi

•    Frameworks for Low-discrepancy Simulation Models and Composite Experimental Dynamic Substructuring Methods Based on Parallel Partitioned Algorithms and Localized Lagrange Multipliers
Oreste Bursi

•    Impact of Experimental Research on the Eurocode 8 Provisions for RC Structures
Michael Fardis

•    Seismic Testing of Nonstructural Building Components: Needs and Recent Advances
Andre Filiatrault

•    Shaking Table Model Test and Analysis of a Four-tower Connected on the Height of 230 meters with Isolation System
Xilin Lu

•    E-Defense, Japan
Ryuta Enokida

•    Large-scale, Real-fire Structural Testing: a Unique Testing and Metrology Challenge
Matthew S. Hoehler




• Active and Passive Structural control

•    Characterization of Frictional Properties of Different Sliding Materials for Curved Surface Sliders
Stefano Barone, Alberto Pavese, Gian Michele Calvi

•    Seismic Response Analysis of Nuclear Structure Using Innovative Three-Dimensional Isolation Device
Hao Xu, Wenguang Liu, Shaoping Li, Daoming Zi, Wenfu He

•    Multi-Target Design of Offshore Soft Soil Bridge Isolated with MFPS
Siqi Wang, Yong Yuan, Hongping Zhu

•    Dynamic Testing of a Full-scale Hydraulic Inerter-Damper for the Seismic Protection of Civil Structures
Shigeki Nakaminami, Hidenori Kida, Kohju Ikago, Norio Inoue

•    Experimental Evaluation on Seismic Behavior of Steel Panel Dampers in Frame Structures
Xiaoxuan Zhang, Wenhan Yin, Huajian Jin, Feifei Sun, Dazhu Hu

•    Bi-Directional Pseudo-Dynamic Test of an Eight-Storey Buckling-Restrained Braced RC  Frame Building
Pengfei Shi, Zhaoran Wang, Zhen Wang, Bin Wu, Zhizeng Zhao, Qiyang Tan, Jianyun Sun, Peng Wang, Minghui Zhai

•    Experimental Evaluation of the Size Effect on Flat and Curved Sliding Motions (Special Session 6)
Marco Furinghetti, Alberto Pavese

•    Full-scale Component Testing of Seismic Isolation Devices and Verification of Their Performance in Full-scale System Level Tests on a Shaking Table
Shakhzod Takhirov, Eric Fujisaki, Leon Kempner, Michael Riley, Brian Low

•    Effect of Friction on the Re-Centring Capability of Sliding Bearings with Curved Surfaces (Special Session 6)
Virginio Quaglini, Paolo Dubini, Emanuele Gandelli

•    Study on Seismic Performance of Super Tall Building Structure with Viscous Damping Outriggers Based on Steady Frequency Excitation Method
Cuiqiang Zhang, Jianyun Sun, Pengfei Shi

• Application of experimental results to structural design and analysis

•    Seismic Residual Displacement of Core-Outrigger Structure Under Resonant Ground Motions
Fei Fei Sun, Zhi Bin Hu, Lei Xiao, Jie Huang

•    In-plane Mechanical Model of the Roller Guide-rail System in Elevators
Xiaoyan Wang, Wensheng Lu, Baofeng Huang, Khalid M. Mosalam

•    Shaking Table Tests of RC Structure with Replaceable Coupling Beams
Cong Chen, Xilin Lu, Xin Li

•    Shaking Table Tests on 1/2 Scale One Story Masonry Structure (Special Session 1A)
Marco Di Ludovico, Alberto Balsamo, Gennaro Maddaloni, Nunzia Iuliano, Giuseppe Maddaloni, Andrea Prota, Gaetano Manfredi

•   Experiment Design and Bidirectional Tests of a Full-scale Two-story Spatial Buckling-Restrained Braced RC Frame
Jianyun Sun, Qiyang Tan, Pengfei Shi, Guoshan Xu, Bin Wu, Yongxi Zhao, Liulian Li, Minghui Zhai

•    In-Plane Behavior of Sandwich Roof Panels
Ahmet Güllü, Amirmahdi Mohammadi Saghayesh, Ercan Yüksel

•    Shake Table Tests of a Special Raised Floor System
Yavuz Durgun, Ahmet Güllü, Tansu Gökçe, Ercan Yüksel

•    Experimental Procedures for Displacement-Controlled Pure Torsion Tests on Reinforced Concrete Shells
Edvard P. G. Bruun, Evan Charles Bentz

•    Experimental and Numerical Validation of a Sustainable and Innovative Construction System (Special Session 5)
Guido Bregoli, Paolo Riva

•    Experimental Investigation of Low Velocity Impact Behaviour of RC Two Way Slab Strengthening with CFRP Strips
Tolga Yılmaz, Nevzat Kıraç, Özgür Anil, Ceyda Sezer

•    In-Plane Cyclic and Out-of-Plane Dynamic Testing Procedures for Infilled RC Frames (Special Session 1B)
Riccardo R. Milanesi, Paolo Morandi, Filippo Dacarro, Luca Albanesi, Guido Magenes

•    Experimental Studies of Beam-to-Column Dowel Connections in RC Precast Buildings (Special Session 5)
Tatjana Isaković, Blaž Zoubek, Miha Kramar, Matej Fischinger

•    Dynamic System Properties from Real-Scale Free-Vibration Soil-Structure Interaction Experiments (Special Session 4A)
Dimitris Pitilakis, Athanasios Vratsikidis

•    Blind Prediction of a Three-Storey RC Frame Building with Masonry Infill Walls
Alexander Kagermanov, Paola Ceresa

•    Masonry Infilling of RC Building Against Progressive Collapse in case of Loss of Column
Nikos Stathas, Ioannis Karakasis, Elias Strepelias, Xenofontas Palios, Micheal Fardis, Stathis Bousias

•    Collapse Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry Vaults Using 3D-printed Scale-model Testing (Special Session 1A)
Michela Rossi, Cristián Calvo Barentin, Tom Van Mele, Philippe Block

•    Experimental Evaluation of System Level Properties of Porcelain Post Insulators Based on a Large Set of Full-Scale High-Voltage Insulators
Shakhzod Takhirov, Frank Blalock, Jerry Stewart

•    Experimental Evaluation of the Seismic Response of Precast Wall Connections (Special Session 5)
Emanuele Brunesi, Roberto Nascimbene, Simone Peloso

•    Challenges and Main Features on Quasi-static Cyclic Out-of-plane Tests of Full-scale Infill Masonry Walls (Special Session 1B)
António Arêde, André Furtado, José Melo, Hugo Rodrigues, Humberto Varum, Nuno Pinto

•    Open-Air Cyclic Testing of a Large-Scale Stone Masonry Specimen (Special Session 1B)
İhsan Engin Bal, Eleni Smyrou, Murat Alaboz, Mehmet Nuri Yavuzer, Cem Demir, Mustafa Cömert, Alper İlki

•    In situ pushover test of an existing two storey RC frame designed for gravity loads
Simone Peloso, Chiara Casarotti, Alberto Pavese, Filippo Dacarro, Giuseppe Sinopoli

• Data management and information systems

•    Rapid, Automated Post-Event Image Classification and Documentation (Special Session 7)
Chul Min Yeum, Shirley J. Dyke, Bedrich Benes, Thomas Hacker, Julio Ramirez, Alana Lund, Santiago Pujol

• Hybrid simulation and other on-line testing techniques

•    A Novel Hybrid Testing Method for Incomplete Boundary Conditions
Bin Wu, Xizhan Ning, Ge Yang, Zhu Mei

•    Hierarchical Kriging Surrogate of the Seismic Response of a Steel Piping Network Based on Multi-Fidelity Hybrid and Computational Simulators
Giuseppe Abbiati, Imad Abdallah, Stefano Marelli, Bruno Sudret, Bozidar Stojadinovic

•    Development and Optimization Case Study of Distributed Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Method (Special Session 2)
Xin Li, Xilin Lu, Lei Lu, Jiaqi Xu, Wensheng Lu, Shirley Dyke

•    Online Hybrid Test on a Seismically-Retrofitted Masonry Building
Tao Wang, Xiaoting Wang, Xi Chen, Wenfeng Li

•    An Experimental Study on the Robustness of a Tuned Viscous Mass Damper System Incorporated into a Single-Degree-Of-Freedom Structure
Kohju Ikago, Shun Taniguchi, Masahiro Ikenaga, Shigeki Nakaminami, Norio Inoue, Kenji Saito

•    Multi-Element Pseudo-Dynamic Hybrid Simulation of Concentric Braced Frames
Saeid Mojiri, Pedram Mortazavi, Oh-Sung Kwon, Constantin Christopoulos

•    An Overview of the University of Toronto Simulation (UT-SIM) Framework and its Application to the Performance Assessment of Structures
Pedram Mortazavi, Xu Huang, Oh-Sung Kwon, Constantin Christopoulos

•    A General-Purpose Platform for Hybird Simulation with Model Updating
Kung-Juin Wang, Ming-Chieh Chuang, Chao-Hsien Li, Pu-Yuan Chin, Keh-Chyuan Tasi

•    Carleton Multi-Hazard Research Facility: Infrastructure and Preliminary Hybrid Testing
Joshua E. Woods, Sean Miller, Jeffrey Erochko, David T. Lau

•    Hybrid Simulation using the Subfeed in Highly Complex and Non-Linear Numerical Models
Uwe E. Dorka, Ferran Obón Santacana

•    Vision for Hybrid Simulation Testing of Buildings under Wind Loading (Special Session 2)
Mohamed A. Moustafa, Peter Irwin

•    2DOF Decentralized Model Prediction Control Approach for Hybrid Simulation
Ning Li, Bille F. Spencer Jr, Zhongxian Li

•    Collapse Assessment of Building Columns through Multi-Axis Hybrid Simulation
M. Javad Hashemi, Hamidreza A. Yazdi, Riadh Al-Mahaidi, Emad Gad

•    Stability analysis of a real-time shake table hybrid simulation for linear and non-linear SDOF systems
Gidewon G. Tekeste, António A. Correia, Aníbal G. Costa

• Modeling/numerical simulation in predicting and interpreting experimental results

•    Ductility Performance on Jetty Steel Piles Repaired by Steel Patch Plates
Kazuo Furunishi, Yasuo Kitane, Yoshito Itoh

•    Shake Table Control Method for Nonlinear Hysteretic Systems
Ki P. Ryu, Andrei M. Reinhorn, Mettupalayam Sivaselvan

•    Load Bearing Capacity Testing of Dowel Pin Anchorage in Granite Cladding
Junru Tan, Baofeng Huang, Wensheng Lu, Khalid M. Mosalam

•    Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Seismic Response of Unreinforced Masonry Cross Vaults (Special Session 1A)
Chiara Calderini, Michela Rossi, Sergio Lagomarsino, Lucrezia Cascini, Francesco Portioli

•    Numerical Simulation of Ambient Vibration Tests: a Case Study
Valeria Pepe, Alessandra De Angelis, Maria R. Pecce

• Novel testing, measuring, and monitoring techniques in structural experiments

•    Georgia Institute of Technology Laboratory for Blast, Shock and Impact
Lauren K. Stewart, Nan Gao, Genevieve Pezzola, Marc Sanborn, Kathryn Sanborn, Alix Nail, Giovanni Loreto

•    A new large scale laboratory: the LEDA Research Centre (Laboratory of Earthquake engineering and Dynamic Analysis)
Marinella Fossetti, Francesco Lo Iacono, Giovanni Minafò, Giacomo Navarra, Giovanni Tesoriere

•    Enhancing Cyclic Strength of Welded Tubular Structures
Feleb N. Matti, Fidelis Rutendo Mashiri, Adrian Saliba

•    Development of Advanced Experimental Technology on Reproducing Floor Response of High-rise Buildings subjected to Ground Motions (Special Session 2)
Pei-Ching Chen, Chin-Ta Lai, Keh-Chyuan Tsai

•    Digital Image Correlation for Dynamic Shake Table Test Measurements (Special Session 4B)
Luna Ngeljaratan, Mohamed A. Moustafa

•    Analysis of the Materials Behaviour at High Strain-Rate in Support of Impact Resistant Structural Design
Ezio Cadoni, Matteo Dotta, Daniele Forni

• Signal processing, diagnostics, prognostics

•    Neural Network Based Auxiliary Controller for Online Signal Correction of Electric Linear Motor Shake Table
Selma H. Larbi, Nouredine Bourahla, Hacine Benchoubane, Mohamed Badaoui

• Standardization of testing procedures

•    Seismic Protection Devices: Design and Performance of a New Dynamic Test Facility
Samuele Infanti, Silvio De Toni, Aikaterina E. Pigouni

•    Shake Table Tests on Mobile Office Partitions
Crescenzo Petrone, Gennaro Magliulo, Antonio Bonati, Gaetano Manfredi

• Structural health monitoring

•    Monitoring And Safety Evaluation On The Reinforced Concrete Floor During Moving Of Overweight Facility (Special Session 4A)
Jianyun Sun, Cuiqiang Zhang, Peng Wang, Zhaoran Wang, Pengfei Shi

•    Statistical Analysis of Pit Depths of Corroded Post-Tensioned Strands According to Different Chloride Condition in a Real Bridge on Service
Seung Hee. Kwon, Seon Doo. Jo, Chul Young. Kim

•    Compensation of Temperature Effect on Impedance-based Damage Monitoring in Prestressed Tendon-Anchorage System (Special Session 4A)
Jeong-Tae Kim, Thanh-Canh Huynh, So-Young Lee, Joo-Young Ryu

•    Experimental Analysis of the Torlonia Building in Avezzano, Italy (Special Session 4B)
Giovanni Bongiovanni, Giacomo Buffarini, Paolo Clemente, Fernando Saitta, Concetta Tripepi

•    Why the Z24 Bridge is so Important (Special Session 4B)
Keith Worden, Charles R. Farrar, Haichen Shi, Elizabeth J. Cross



Extended Abstracts

• Application of experimental results to structural design and analysis

•    Experimental Behavior of Wide-Flange Steel Braces with Reinforced Section
Chui-Hsin Chen, Chao-Chen Sun, Pierre-Darry Versaillot

•    In-plane Cyclic Tests on Innovative Infills with Sliding Joints and their Numerical Simulation (Special Session 1B)
Andrea Rossi, Paolo Morandi, Riccardo R. Milanesi, Guido Magenes

• Hybrid simulation and other on-line testing techniques

•    Force-Displacement Hybrid Test of Engineering Structures with Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Testing
Huimeng Zhou, Mengning Li, Tao Wang, Nigel A. Linden, Matthew Schroeder

•    Development of New Real-Time Force Control Methods for Implementing Real-Time Hybrid Simulation and Effective Force Testing (Special Session 2)
Yunbyeong Chae, Ramin Rabiee, Abdullah Dursun, Chul-Young Kim

•    Hybrid Fire Testing via the Substructuring Method
Manfred Korzen

• Modeling/numerical simulation in predicting and interpreting experimental results

•    Force-Displacement Hybrid Test of Engineering Structures with Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Testing
Huimeng Zhou, Mengning Li, Tao Wang, Nigel A. Linden, Matthew Schroeder

•    Development of New Real-Time Force Control Methods for Implementing Real-Time Hybrid Simulation and Effective Force Testing (Special Session 2)
Yunbyeong Chae, Ramin Rabiee, Abdullah Dursun, Chul-Young Kim

•    Hybrid Fire Testing via the Substructuring Method
Manfred Korzen

• Novel testing, measuring, and monitoring techniques in structural experiments

•    Examples of Centrifuge Testing for Experimental Structural Engineering (Special Session 1A)
Matthew J. DeJong, Stefan Ritter, Iason Pelekis, Callum Fleming

•    Operational Regime Clustering for the Construction of PCE-Based Surrogates of Operational Wind Turbines (Special Session 4B)
Luis David Avendaño-Valencia, Braulio Barahona, Cyprien Hoelzl, Eleni N. Chatzi

• Structural health monitoring

•    Integration of in Lab Experiments and Numerical Modeling in a Short-Term Safety Evaluation System for Beam-Type Bridges (Special Session 4A)
Marco Bonopera, Kuo-Chun Chang, Chun-Chung Chen, Bo-Han Lee, Yu-Chi Sung, Nerio Tullini




• Active and Passive Structural control 

•    Performance Assessment Of Alternative Seismic Isolation Solutions Based On Heterogeneous Simulations And State-Space Models
Giuseppe Abbiati, Igor Lanese, Enrico Cazzador, Oreste S. Bursi, Alberto Pavese

•    Soft Grouting for Seismic Isolation (Special Session 3)
Valeria Nappa, Emilio Bilotta, Alessandro Flora

•    The Antiseismic Devices for the Padma Bridge and their Testing Procedure
Agostino Marioni, Roberto Dalpedri, Marco Banfi

 • Application of experimental results to structural design and analysis

•    Stability of Wide-Flange Steel Columns under Multi-Axis Cyclic Loading
Ahmed Elkady, Dimitrios Lignos

•    Shaking Table Test of a Four-Tower Tall Building Connected with an Isolated Sky-Corridor on the Top
Xilin Lu

•    Full-Scale Testing of a Precast Structure with Different Configurations of Cladding Panels: the Devil is in the Detail (Special Session 5)
Marco Lamperti Tornaghi, Paolo Negro

•    Shaking Table Out-of-plane Collapse Tests of Slender URM Walls (Special Session 1A)
Francesco Graziotti, Umberto Tomassetti, Luca Grottoli, Andrea Penna, Guido Magenes

•    Out-Of-Plane Stability Of Thin RC Walls: Comparison Of Boundary Element Tests To Wall Tests
João Almeida, Angelica Rosso, Katrin Beyer

•    Experimental Investigation of a New Pier-to-deck Connection for Steel Concrete Composite Bridges in Longitudinal Direction
Fabrizio Paolacci, Renato Giannini, Silvia Alessandri

•    Shake-Table Test on a Half-Scale Stone Masonry Building Aggregate Including Retrofit Strategies
Gabriele Guerrini, Ilaria E. Senaldi, Francesco Graziotti, Guido Magenes, Katrin Beyer, Andrea Penna

• Hybrid simulation and other on-line testing techniques

•    Real-Time Solution Scheme Of Numerical Substructure In Windows Environment
Jin-Ting Wang, Li-Qiao Lu, Fei Zhu

•    Advanced Real-Time Hybrid Simulation for Assessment of Tall Building Performance under Multiple Natural Hazards (Special Session 2)
James Ricles, Chinmoy Kolay, Thomas, Marullo

•    Hybrid Simulation Using Advanced General Purpose Finite Element Software Packages
Shawn You, Shawn Gao, Andreas Schellenberg

•    Hybrid Testing of Seismic Isolated Structures: Test Reliability and Scaling Issues
Igor Lanese, Alberto Pavese, Giuseppe Abbiati, Oreste S. Bursi

•    A Method for Mixing Online and Offline Experimental Dynamic Substructuring Algorithms for Hybrid Simulations
Giuseppe Abbiati, Vincenzo La Salandra, Oreste S. Bursi, Luca Caracoglia

• Modeling/numerical simulation in predicting and interpreting experimental results

•    Physical Modelling of Soil-Structure Interaction (Special Session 3)
Vincenzo Fioravante, Daniela Giretti

•    Slabs on Grades Supported by Soil Reinforced with Inclusions (Special Session 3)
Cyril Plomteux, Jerome Racinais

•    Feasibility Study of a Full-scale On-site Shake Table Test of an Existing Building (Special Session 3)
Marco Furinghetti, Alberto Pavese, Simone Peloso, Carlo G. Lai

• Novel testing, measuring, and monitoring techniques in structural experiments

•    Advancements in Experimental Testing of Nonlinear Soil Structure Interaction
Jenna Wong, Floriana Petrone, David McCallen

•    Full-field Imaging and Modeling of Structural Dynamics with Digital Video Cameras (Special Session 7)
Yongchao Yang, Charles Farrar, David Mascarenas

•    Overview of QuakeCore Technology Platform 1: The NZ Laboratories network
Alessandro Palermo, Tim Sullivan, Anne Mackenzie, Ken Elwood, Richard Henry, Felix Scheibmair

• Signal processing, diagnostics, prognostics

•    Faster R-CNN Based Structural Surface Damage Detection (Special Session 7)
Sadegh Mahmoudkhani, Young-Jin Cha

• Smart materials

•    Rayleigh Waves Steering Via Seismic Metamaterials (Special Session 3)
Antonio Palermo, Sebastian Krodel, Chiara Daraio, Alessandro Marzani

• Structural health monitoring

•    Fusion of ViSP(Visually Served Paired Structured Light System) with IMU for High-speed 6-DOF Structural Displacement Measurement (Special Session 7)
Jeon Haemin

•    Permanent Monitoring and Real Time Assessment
Simone Peloso, Fortunato Cuppari, Chiara Casarotti, Alberto Pavese

•    Autonomous UAV for Structural Health Monitoring (Special Session 7)
Dongho Kang, Young-Jin Cha

•    Monitoring Is Essential In Assessing The Risks And Vulnerabilities Of Tall Buildings To Long-Period Earthquake Motions From Distant Sources (Special Session 4A)
Mehmet Çelebi

•    An Overview Of Frequency And Damping Wandering In Existing Buildings (Special Session 4B)
Philippe Guéguen

•    Experimental Mechanical Characterisation Of Stone Masonry Under Uniaxial And Biaxial Stress Strate (Special Session 1B)
Francesco Vanin, Katrin Beyer

•    Borgoforte Bridge Case: from Real-Time Monitoring to Risk Assessment and Management
Alfredo Cigada, Gianluca Crotti, Francesco Ballio

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