In the last decades testing techniques have been more and more improved, thanks to a growing innovation of both softwares and hardwares . Modern laboratories can reproduce realistic loading conditions with several kind of models such as:  structural and non-structural elements, seismic isolation devices, dampers or Shock Transmission Units (STU). Furthermore, nowadays it is also possible to carry out hybrid tests, so that the complete response of a full numerical scale model can be returned through the direct stepwise interaction of the analytical model of the structural system and the test responses on a full-scale device, installed and tested into a testing equipment. For these reasons, it is important to guarantee an up to date the knowledge of all the available tools and share test procedures with all the laboratories and professionals.
With this aim, the 7th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Structural Engineering (7AESE) will represent a special occasion to share experiences and to discuss about the new procedures and technologies to test structural systems and/or devices, which can lead to a better understanding and characterization of the physical behaviors. Several themes will be considered, such as structural monitoring and measurements, real-time hybrid tests, experimental results for blind response prediction and innovations for software and hardware to develop structural experiments.
The 7aese Conference includes the following topics:
• Active and Passive Structural control
• Application of experimental results to structural design and analysis
• Data management and information systems
• Hybrid simulation and other on-line testing techniques
• Innovative software development for structural experiments
• Life cycle maintenance
• Modeling/numerical simulation to predict and interpret experimental results
• New tests, measuring and monitoring techniques in structural experiments
• Signal processing, diagnostics, prognostics
• Smart materials for sensors and actuators
• Standardization of testing procedures
• Structural health monitoring
• Wireless sensor technology

Past AESE Conferences

• Nagoya, Japan (2005)
• Shanghai, China (2007)
• San Francisco, California, USA (2009)
Ispra, Lombardy, Italy (2011)
Taipei, Taiwan (2013)
Urbana – Champaign, Illinois, USA (2015)