How to reach us

The 7th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Structural Engineering conference will be hosted in the buildings of the Foundation EUCENTRE located in via Adolfo Ferrata 1, 27100 Pavia, Italy.

There are three international airports close to Pavia. Milan Linate is the closest at 50km, Milan Malpensa is at 90km and Orio al Serio (Bergamo) is found at 100km.
Linate Airport
A taxi from Linate to Pavia will cost around €70.
There is a direct bus between Linate and the university terrain near the Eucentre Foundation. There are only 5 daily departures (currently at 9.00 – 11.50 – 14.00 – 17.00 and 20.30). The bus service (called Pavia – Linate bus) departs from the airport at exit 7. The bus leaves you at the busstop Via Ferrata / Tangenziale [3/]. From there it’s a five minute walk to the Eucentre Foundation; see below for the exact route. The bus goes on to Pavia’s Central Station.
If the timetable of the above bus isn’t matching your arrival or departure, you can always travel via Milan. You can..
• Use the Linate Express bus [25 minutes, direct]
• Take regular bus 73 to Milan’s city centre (San Babila) and then take the metro to the Central Station
Once you arrive at Milano Centrale you can then take the train to Pavia (see below).
Further information can be found on the Malpensa/Linate website.
Malpensa Airport
There is no direct connection between Malpensa and the Eucentre Foundation nor Pavia centre. You will have to go through the city of Milan. You might land at either Malpensa 1 or Malpensa 2 (Easyjet) and there are various options from there:
• From Malpensa terminal 1, you take the Malpensa Express train, that arrives in Milan at Cadorna or Central station. A single ticket costs €11 and the train takes about an hour to arrive. From there one can take the green metroline to Milan Central Station. ** From Milan Central Station there are trains going to Pavia (timetables can be found at the Trenitalia website). From the Central Station of Pavia take the bus to the Eucentre Foundation – see below.
• Taking the bus to Milan Central Station (right outside both Malpensa Terminal 1 and 2). There are buses almost every 15 minutes during the day, operated by MalpensaShuttle or Autostradale; cost of a single ticket is €10. It takes about 45 minutes from Terminal 1, 35 minutes from Terminal 2. From there, follow the route as described above **
A taxi from Malpensa to Pavia centre / the Eucentre Foundation will cost around €135. Further information can be found on the Malpensa/Linate website.
Orio al Serio Airport (Bergamo)
This is the Ryanair Airport for ‘Milan’. There is no direct connection between the airport of Orio al Serio and Pavia. A taxi from Orio al Serio to Pavia will cost around €130. Otherwise the fastest way to reach the Eucentre Foundation is to take a bus to Milan Central station (regular services are operated by both Orio Shuttle and Autostradale cost around €10) and from there take a train to Pavia.
Further information can be found on the Orio al Serio website.


There is regular train service between Milan and Pavia:
• Intercity trains are fastest and usually only stop at Milan Central and Pavia Central station. You need a specific ticket, which costs €8 for a single trip. See for more information.
• There are many regional trains. Some stop at many small stations on the route, others only at the Milan Rogoredo and Milan Lambrate stations. A single ticket costs €3.90.
• There is a commuter train between Milan and Pavia (S13, operated by Trenord). The train departs from Bovisa and stops at all major metro stations.
Other directions; from Pavia it is easy to reach Genoa, and the coast of Liguria, as well as Voghera and Alessandria.
There are two bus lines connecting the Pavia’s Central Station to the Eucentre Foundation: bus 3 and bus 6. Tickets (€ 1,30 for a single journey) can be bought at a kiosk inside the station or at the ‘tabacchi (T)’at station’s square, or any (T) in town. There are 3 variants of bus 3; look careful which one you take. The ones going to Colombarone and C. Pelizza are easiest.
BUS 3 – Colombarone or BUS 3/ – C. Pelizza
Leaves in the street behind the station’s square, at the other end of the street. Get out at the stop ‘Tibaldi’. It leaves you across the street from the fence of the Eucentre building. On the left of the fence you can call the Secretariat to open it.
BUS 3/ – Maugeri-Mondino
Leaves in the street behind the station’s square, at the other end of the street. Get out at the stop ‘Fermata Istituti Universitari’. It leaves you at a 5 minute distance from the building. Look at the map how to arrive from here at the Eucentre Foundation.
BUS 6 – C. Pelizza
Leaves behind the station, at via Brichetti. Get out at the stop ‘Abbiategrasso – Instituto Volta’. Walk on until you see a blue gate on your right. Cross the parking, going to the left-end and find a stairs going down. Cross the small street and see a stairs going up again. From here walk to the second building on your left.


Just outside the Central Station of Pavia you find the taxi stand. To get to the Eucentre Foundation premises. A ride would cost between 10€ and 14€ and it would be best to ask the driver to take you to “Eucentre, Via Ferrata 1”.


From Milan or Genoa (A7)
Take the highway A7 Milan-Genoa, exit ‘Pavia Nord-Bereguardo’. Then head to Pavia, continue for approximately 10km and take the exit at Pavia Centro-Via Riviera. Turn left, under the road (Via Tibaldi), pass the second roundabout and turn into the first entrance on the right, onto the Eucentre parking lot (cubical building with blue windows on the right).
SS35 From Milan (SS35)
Follow instructions for Pavia until you come across a bypass road. Take the exit Pavia Ovest-Abbiategrasso, turn right, proceed straight on the main road -past the pedestrian crossing / traffic light and turn right at the roundabout, then take the first entrance on the right to enter the Eucentre parking lot (cubical building on the right with blue windows).
A21 From Turin-Piacenza (A21)
Take the exit Casteggio-Casatisma-Pavia on the A21 (connection A21-SS35). Proceed on the SS35 towards Pavia. Once you enter the bypass road, take the exit ‘Istituti Universitari’. After the interchange, take the flyover, turn right, then turn left at the roundabout. Go along the road that surrounds the University terrain, and turn into the last entrance on the left (before the roundabout), onto the Eucentre parking lot (cubical building on the right with blue windows).